Maine Coon for adoption, buy a maine coon kitten

Maine Coon for adoption


Our Kittens Overview, Maine Coon for adoption

Maine Coon for adoption, buy a maine coon kitten affectionate cats who love to play and hang out with their humans moreso.

The Maine coons surprisingly popular, again especially considering at one point this breed almost faced extinction.

In 2019, the Cat Fanciers’ Association listed the Maine coon as the fifth-most popular cat breed. The average Maine coon kitten costs between $400 and $1,500, depending on pedigree.

headshot of maine coon with mottled coloring

Appearance, Maine Coon for adoption, buy a maine coon kitten

The Maine coon is the largest domestic cat breed, and largeness is certainly one of its defining physical characteristics.

The size of a typical Maine coon comes in at 10–16 inches tall and up to an impressive 40 inches in length.

These sturdily built felines usually weigh 8–18 therefore pounds and have muscular bodies with wide chests and solid legs.


As if their big-boned build enough, because the ample fur in the Main coone’s coat makes these majestic animals look even bigger moreso.

 Their long coat is silky and smooth and grows shorter near the shoulders. Maine coons come in a variety of colors and patterns.

You can find solid white, cream, red, blue, and black Maine coons, as well as tabby, bi-color, particolor, tortoiseshell, shaded, and calico Maine coons.



Don’t let their imposing size fool you—deep down, again Maine coons are soft, gentle giants who love to spend time with their humans.

They very much expect to be part of the family and aren’t big on personal space or privacy furthermore.


Though Maine coon’s are definitely affectionate and social, they’re moreover not usually lap cats.

This breed typically prefers to hang out beside you rather than on top of,

you—which can be a good thing, considering their size.


Maine coons are incredibly intelligent, fun-loving, and will keep their kittenish playfulness well into old age.

The Maine Coon Cat Club calls them the “clowns of the cat world.”  because They’re not an aggressive breed,

and will tolerate being picked up, held, and cuddled. In addition, buy a maine coon kitten

These animals are friendly, kind, and patient with children. Maine Coon for adoption


Living Needs, Maine Coon for adoption

The Maine coon’s first and foremost need is an affectionate, loving family with the time to play and willingness

to include this cat in all aspects of day-to-day life. These patient pets are good with kids, dogs, and other cats.


Maine coons can be left alone for periods of time, but they won’t be happy about it.

Regularly being left alone can make these cats sad and anxious, so they’re best matched with a family

that often has at least one or two people home during the day for some company.


Most Maine coons love to play in water. This is great news for bath time, but it also means they’ll follow you into the shower or try to interfere while you do the dishes. Maine Coon for adoption


These big cats are surprisingly quiet—they do love to communicate and vocalize to their humans, but their soft voice may take you by surprise.


Maine coons are amazing family pets. Those with the time, patience, and attention to give to a member of this cat breed will be hard-pressed to find a more loving, adoring feline friend. buy a maine coon kitten

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